I Want My NFT is a 3x1hour documentary series that tracks the pioneering journey of two generations of artists, mother and son, as they follow, and weave together the threads of a brand-new art movement – Crypto Art and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Non-Fungible Tokens live on the Blockchain. They are a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique. Art is one of the early use cases for blockchain where NFTs are used to create verifiable digital scarcity, as well as prove digital ownership and authenticity. Many artists have jumped into this blossoming space, excited to see something new evolving in the art world.

In just a few years, the NFT movement has quickly gained momentum. In 2017 NFTs made their way into mainstream news when the game CryptoKitties went viral; to today, where more and more artists are exploring this cutting-edge space by creating ‘Crypto Art’ linked to an NFT. There are now whole communities formed and based in the space, whose interests vary from digital art, to traditional art, to photography, to video art, to music. 

Both Christa Schadt (Gemini Rising) and Jason Schadt (Vandal) have been active in these communities for the last few years. They now want to use their combined knowledge of art, music and documentary filmmaking to make an incredible film that will explore this unique ecosystem still in its infancy. They will interview artists, collectors, platforms, advocates and critics in the space to form part of their story, while also documenting their personal journey of being artists and making the film.

I Want My NFT is a snapshot of an ecosystem aimed at capturing the excitement of the people pioneering the space in a way that is relatable to an audience who might not have a prior understanding. With a personal touch, the film hopes to educate and inspire more participation in a world where artistic pursuits can be benefited by making NFTs.

The Vision

With the majority of the world still unaware of this fascinating space, the documentary hopes to shine a light on the people and projects paving the way for mass adoption. It will show practical use-cases and valuable opportunities that already exist, before the mainstream catches on.

There is nothing more important than documenting the birth of a game-changing disruptive technology, especially when it applies to the arts. And who better to document it than two members of a creative family who can see how this technology can benefit so many people.

What Viewers will See

To enable viewers to grasp the concepts that have been laid out, I Want My NFT will provide a visual perspective that relates to the space. In light of Covid-19 and the move into more virtual modes of communications and environments, the film will use tools like Zoom for online interviews, and filming in virtual worlds that have been built in the ecosystem.

Guided by the voices of our hosts and subjects, the documentary will take the viewer through the story as it is unfolding. Viewers will see stunning works of art, all created on the Blockchain as NFTs. Plus, they will follow along as the film explores the various virtual spaces, especially virtual art galleries and virtual art events. 

Other than the interactions and musings of, and between Gemini Rising and Vandal, the series will be shot entirely in the digital space. It will intentionally be made this way because it clearly demonstrates the various ways the community interacts with each other and shows how many of the projects in the space are built. Most things in the ecosystem are done through online communication and in a collaborative setting.

One of the highlights of I Want My NFT will be a collaboration between the artists featured in the documentary. Together they will create a multi-layered work of art that will eventually be put on the blockchain and sold as an NFT. We will document these artists as they spend time discussing and coming up with a theme for the piece; to each artist going off to create their layer of the piece; to putting the layers together and minting them; to the auction of the final piece and it's layers.

In the end, not only will this documentary series appeal to those who are already in, or interested in this Blockchain space we are documenting, but to traditional creators, artists, fans, collectors and anyone interested in art in general.